Catalyzing United Movements for Christ

 The mission of Campus Renewal is to create and catalyze united movements that transform college campuses for Christ.  By bringing students, campus ministries, and local churches together in prayer and evangelism, we strengthen the influence of the Body of Christ on campus.
What does it take to transform a campus? It starts here.


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Rivers of Life

27.06.2016 / 0 comments

One of my favorite spots in Texas is Pedernales Falls State Park with its falls and rushing water.  I have always been fascinated by flowing water, the sound of it thrashing through crevices or smoothly flowing around a small obstruction. …



23.06.2016 / 0 comments

It is weird knowing that next year the NBA landscape will be different as Kobe Bryant, one of the players that has defined my generation, has hung up his sneakers. In his last game at the Staples Center, Bryant dazzled…


The Power of Perseverance and Presence

5.05.2016 / 1 comments

It’s funny.  You can’t make this up.  I just opened my computer to write this article on the power of perseverance and presence, when Facebook kindly congratulated me on 21 years of work for Campus Renewal.  It’s May 1st, and I…


Why Campus Ministry Needs the Local Church

5.05.2016 / 0 comments

College Ministry Discouragement I walked back to my car from across campus, discouraged and lonely. It was a long day trying to meet new students and build relationships with them. As I sat down to drive home I could just…